With renewables for energy security

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Honvári, Patrícia
Hauber, György
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Taking into account the possible future exhaustion of fossil energy sources, the actual and near danger of climate change, the drastic increase of the greenhouse gases in the last 200 years, as well as the growing need for sustainable development, consumption and liveable environment, the increasing necessity of renewable energy sources becomes clear. Utilization of these energy sources have to acquire a bigger role in the field of energy supply, in order to enhance the energy security of Hungary, to decline the energy import dependence, to reduce the negative environmental impacts, and to recover the economy. The world’s hunger for energy is growing exponentially; this is why it is crucial to establish feasibility scenarios in the next decades, which are able to meet these expectations, and to increase the safety of the energy supply.
megújuló energiaforrás , éghajlatváltozás , fosszilis energiahordozók , energiabiztonság , logisztika
Academic and Applied Research in Military and Public Management Science 14: (2) pp. 237-248. (2015)