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MTA Regionális Kutatások Központja
This volume contains the material of a conference organized in December 1992 by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Regional Studies. Lawyers, political scientists, sociologists, economists, management specialists and practising local govemment officers spoke about their research results and personal experiences conceming the hardly more than two-year-old Hungarian local govemment system. While it was generally accepted that the new local govemment model, replacing the Soviet-type council system, enables a more democratic and decentralized sort of goveming, a great number of criticism with negative facts and opinions were reported as well. The Hungarian local govemment system is bearing certain symptoms of infantile disorders, such as the involvement of too much politics, the lack of professional competence, the confusion of roles, the underdevelopment of local democracy and an unwilling attitude towards cooperation and integration. Besides this, some essential structural problems have become clear, which will make it difficult to realize the advantages of self-goveming in the future. The Central redistribution, the dependence, of local resources on the State, the increase of deconcentrated state organs, the weakening of the role of middle-level self-govemment, the rather disintegrated administrative system with the isolated legal status of cities are all questions to be solved by budgetary and legal reforms. The lectures in this volume cover all the important elements of the existing local govemment system, both thematically and from the point of view of different disciplines (elections, administrative system, financial and property management, counties, activities of representative bodies, social politics, issuing decrees, planning, staff etc.)
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