Media mirrors? Framing Hungarian Romani Migration to Canada in Hungarian and Canadian press

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Varjú, Viktor
Plaut, Shayna
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The most recent migration of Roma from Central-Eastern Europe to Canada started in the 1990s. Several thousand people from former socialist countries, including Hungarian Roma, moved overseas. There were many reasons but for Roma, the motivations not only included a drastic loss of employment, but re-emerging systemic and increasingly violent racism. This article focuses on the discursive framing of these motivations and the reaction within both Hungarian and Canadian newspapers from 1999-2013. In the article we show how the press engaged in framing and counter-framing the policies and politics of the host country through their coverage of ‘the Hungarian Roma’ issue. Recognising that journalists often envision themselves as ‘objective’ we argue that the journalists were in fact advocating for various positions based on the political, economic and cultural contexts of the times. We show how the ‘Hungarian Roma issue’ becomes an example and reflection of the changing political culture.
Kanada , vándorlás , roma lakosság , roma lakosság - Magyarország , roma lakosság - Kanada , média
Ethnic and Racial Studies, 40. 2017