Concepts, approaches and methods on Europeanisation - a meta-analysis

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Grünhut, Zoltán
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The present paper aims to overview the most relevant conceptualisations on Europeanisation with the goal to contribute for the better ontological and epistemological understanding of the notion. The meta-analysis was done in a framework concerning two main features of the selected concepts: first, how they interpret Europeanisation, as an explanans that explains other factors, or as an explanandum that is explained by different variables; and secondly, on which level(s) – macro, meso and/or micro – these concepts identify the core specificities of the notion. The main findings are presented through a theoretical differentiation of three generations of studies on Europeanisation. The first one is a more functionalist, constructivist and normative approach that mainly focuses on the macro-level aspects; the second generation is rather institutionalist, generally structuralist, and it prefers the meso- and micro-level; while the third period seems to shift to a more agent-based micro-level discursive, poststructuralist direction, while constructivist studies are rising in number as well.
europanizáció , strukturalizmus , konstruktivizmus , poszt-strukturalizmus
Eastern Journal of European Studies 8: (1) pp. 157-176. (2017)