Price determinants of Airbnb listing prices in Lake Balaton Touristic Region, Hungary

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Dudás, Gábor
Kovalcsik, Tamás
Vida, György
Boros, Lajos
Nagy, Gyula
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The aim of the paper was to investigate the impact of different accommodation attributes on Airbnb listing prices in a touristic area. The study applied hedonic price modeling utilizing a sample of 2417 Airbnb accommodation rental offers in the Lake Balaton Touristic Region in Hungary. Our results revealed that property-related attributes significantly influence Airbnb prices although the magnitude of these effects is very diverse and complex. The OLS findings showed that the provision of air conditioning, free internet, and free parking are the main determinants of Airbnb price in the sample area, while the number of available photos and the presence of a kitchen does not significantly influence the price. The quantile regression results further demonstrated that capacity, the provision of breakfast, and TV leads to higher prices among the higher-priced accommodations, while the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, smoking, and free parking influence more the prices of lower-end accommodations.
Airbnb , szállásadás - Magyarország , turizmus , Balaton , Balatoni Üdülőkörzet , Balatoni Turisztikai Régió , szállásadás , magánszállásadás , közösségi gazdaság , modellezés
European Journal of Tourism Research 24:(10) 1-18 p. (2020)