The impact of FDI on host countries: the analysis of selected service industries in the Visegrad countries

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Gál, Zoltán
Sass, Magdolna
Juhász, Bálint
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Foreign direct investments are substantial in the services sector in the Visegrad countries. In this article, we analyse the impact of FDI on the host economy in four selected service industries in two areas: export and employment. FDI in the four selected service industries differ in terms of their vertical or horizontal nature: in business services FDI is predominantly vertical; in financial services and telecommunications it is predominantly horizontal; while in computer-related service activities both types can be found. According to our results, the impact on the host economy differs in the four service industries. We found a positive and significant impact on exports in vertical business services and in horizontal telecommunications services, and on employment in business services and, to a lesser extent, in financial services. The positive impact either diminished or disappeared during the global recession of 2008–2009. The comparison of the four Visegrad countries demonstrates the heterogeneous intensity and significance of this impact, indicating their different specialisations in the analysed services industries.
külföldi tőkebefektetések , szolgáltató iparágak , visegrádi országok , Közép-Európa
Post-Communist Economies 2018: p. Article in press. (2018)