The visualisation of the spatiality of Airbnb in Budapest using 3-band raster represeantation

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Dudás, Gábor
Boros, Lajos
Kovalcsik, Tamás
Kovalcsik, Balázs
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Due to the development of ICT technologies the so-called sharing economy has spread all over the world, gaining significant market share in certain sectors. One of the well-known and debated manifestations of sharing economy is Airbnb, which is an online platform for accommodation provision. Airbnb has wide-spreading effects on rental and real estate markets, thus it is important to analyse the uneven spatial effects of the phenomenon. This paper aims to map and analyse the intra-urban spatial pattern of Airbnb using three indicators: prices, distance from centre, and attractiveness of the area. The case study area is Budapest, Hungary. Collecting data from various sources we compiled 3-band raster maps to present the significance of the selected indicators. The maps reveal the hotspots of Airbnb within the city and the effects of distance and attractiveness on Airbnb prices.
Airbnb , szállásadás - Budapest , térbeliség , térbeli szerkezet , GIS , közösségi gazdaság
Geographia Technica (ISSN: 12: (1) pp. 23-30. (2017)