Tájhasználati érdekek és ellenérdekek az Alföldön – a természetvédelem, a mezőgazdaság és a turizmus kapcsolata a Kiskunsági Nemzeti Park példáján

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Kovács, András Donát
Gulyás, Péter
Farkas, Jenő Zsolt
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Protecting nature and conserving biodiversity in habitats are now important principles world-wide. However, the use of conservation areas in many cases are affected by agriculture and tourism, too. In this paper, we aim to summarise the cooperation and conflicts between nature conservation, agriculture and tourism in the Kiskunság National Park (KNP), looking back over the past decades. Based on document reviews, in-depth interviews and GIS analysis we scruti-nize how the economic interests are reflected in the use of the conservation areas. Our results show that the 'margin of manoeuvre' for nature conservation is continuously narrowing and many factors – such as the EU’s agricultural and rural development support schemes – influence the processes in protected areas. Thus, the recognition of the interdependence of the three sectors and the necessity of cooperation provide the basis for successful rural development in the areas of nature conservation.
természetvédelem , vidékfejlesztés , ökoturizmus , tájhasználat , Kiskunsági Nemzeti Park , mezőgazdaság
Földrajzi Közlemények 145:(4) pp. 317-334. (2021)