Relationships between economic restructuring and higher education in the Drava-Tisa Transnational Development Arc

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Horváth, Gyula
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The development of the new economy in Eastern and Central Europe involves a complexity of economic and social processes. The sectoral structures and territorial location of the industry and the higher education show significant inequalities. Capital city concentration, low level of research orientation and insufficient linkages with industries are the most important barriers to the development of higher education and reindustrialization. The regional and cohesion policies need strong relations between economic restructuring and higher education development. The paper focuses on demonstrating the regional differences in these fields and proposes the development of environmental industry and a disciplinary reform in the university training and R&D.
regionális politika , kohéziós politika , tudományos kutatás-fejlesztés , felsőoktatás , szerkezetváltás , nemzetközi együttműködés , interregionális együttműködés
Romanian Review of Regional Studies: Journal Of the Centre For Regional Geography 9: (2) pp. 9-22. (2013)