Entreprenurship ecosystem in Central and Eastern European region

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Páger, Balázs
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The importance of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship research have been increasing over the last three decades. While early investigations focused on the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial ventures, later, more attention has been paid to the socioeconomic environment within entrepreneurs exist and firms operate. Most recently, the entrepreneurship ecosystem scholars highlight the co-existence of the institutional and individual factors that have crucial role in the emergence of new, innovative, productive high growth ventures. Relying on the Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index dataset and methodology, this paper analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Central and Eastern European (CEE) regions. It can be observed that CEE regions have lower level of REDI scores much more weak pillars within entrepreneurship ecosystem as compared to Western European regions. One of the most important characteristics of the CEE regions is the huge difference between the capital city and the other regions. It could also mean that the economic weight and the entrepreneurial performance of the non-capital regions are relatively small.
vállalkozások , Kelet-Közép-Európa , vállalkozások - Kelet-Közép-Európa , vállalkozási környezet
Erenet Profile 12: (4) pp. 15-24. (2017)