Transnational migration and cross-border mobility in the Serbian-Hungarian border region

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Wastl-Walter, Doris
Takács, Zoltán
Váradi, Monika Mária
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The study is aiming to present migrant groups in the Serbian-Hungarian border region which are playing a role in forming transnational migration, transnational networks and transnational spaces. Transnational migrants are using material, cultural, social and symbolical capital in various forms. The everyday activities of the people as well as their mobility, emotional attachments, and economic relationships have contributed to a transnational region the cross-border contacts in the last century were always present, even in spite of political and historical changes, only their intensity, political charge and tension has been changing. The asymmetries defining the border region has been reflected in different directions, places, time and in different volume. In this specially built and constantly reorganising scope, people who were living their everyday life have tried to use the differences for their benefit, and to improve their possibilities. With their transnational lifestyles and cross-border networks, they substantially contribute to the stability and prosperity of the cross-border region.
transz-nacionalizmus , vándorlás , mobilitás , határmenti térség - Magyarország - Szerbia
Anali Ekonomski Fakulteta u Subotici / The Annals of the Faculty of Economics Subotica 49: (30) pp. 113-130. (2013)