A városi gazdaság – (újra)értelmezési lehetőségek a gazdaságföldrajz oktatásához

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Nagy, Erika
Izsák, Éva
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The mainstream approaches that dominated economic geographical thinking up until the 1980s explained economic restructuring either by abstract spatial modelling or by focusing on bounded spaces, taking economic processes out of their socio-spatial contexts. although, urban spaces were very much in the focus of such studies, cities were basically considered as physical containers of production and exchange, and thus did not provide an analytical framework for understanding the drivers of urban restructuring, particularly the way it was entangled with macroeconomic processes. In order to change the static and simplified view of cities as places/local scales of economic organisation, we introduce some powerful ideas and concepts that shaped discourses of cities in economic geography. Due to limited space, we focus on the critical political economic approach and the critiques and new ideas emerging from the cultural turn in the last two decades. In so doing we hope to induce changes in existing approaches to urban economies as this is taught in secondary education and presented in domestic academic discourses.
városi gazdaság , szerkezetváltás , területi egyenlőtlenségek , társadalmi egyenlőtlenségek , politikai gazdaságtan
Földrajzi Közlemények 141: (3) pp. 246-253. (2017)