Ungarische Migraten in Ungarn: Deserteure, Studierende und Berufstätige aus der Woiwodina zwischen transnationaler und ethnischer Migration

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Nagy, Imre
Váradi, Monika Mária
Takács, Zoltán
Erőss, Ágnes
Tátrai, Patrik
Wastl-Walter, Doris
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This paper deals with the short- and long-term consequences of the Yugoslav Wars on the emigration of Hungarians from Vojvodina to Hungary. We will show how the motives for emigration have changed over the last 20 years, from escape from the wars to labour migration during the economic crisis to a consciously chosen strategy of educational migration in the past decade. We analyse how the migrants reconstruct their migration stories and how they perceive them, how they deal with migration and what effect it has had on their identity construction. Finally, we put special emphasis on the question, whether these forms of migration can be understood as transnational migration with its respective transnational lifestyles or whether it is ethnic migration, in the framework of which Hungarians from the neighbouring states ‚return’ to their motherland, as it is often described.
bevándorlók - Magyarország , magyarok - Vajdaság , menekültkérdés , vándorlás
Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft 155: pp. 1-23. (2013)