The role of territorial capital in urban renewal in a non-core Central European city

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Egyed, Ildikó
Rácz, Szilárd
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The concept of territorial capital, presented by the authors as an alternative to exogenous, FDI-driven economic restructuring strategies, has fertilised regional development policy thinking in multiple ways.Triggering reflections on the bottom-up reconceptualisation of regional policy, it has a particular saliencein peripheral or lagging regions due to its potential to reverse deeply-entrenched core-periphery relations.The paper discusses the concept of territorial capital with a view to its policy embeddedness andacademic valorisation. The structure of the paper is as follows. The first section presents the theoreticalantecedents and conceptual evolution of the notion of territorial capital. This is followed by a briefdiscussion of the relevance of territorial capital in non-core or peripheral Central European contexts. Theconcluding section seeks to identify the main obstacles to collaborative and integrated strategy-makingrelying on the territorial capital approach in the case study city of Pécs, demonstrating its crucial absence from post-2000 top-down regional development programmes.
területi tőke , városok versenyképessége , versenyképesség , nagyvárosok , Pécs
DETUROPE: Central European Journal of Tourism and Regional Development 12:(3) pp. 108-132. (2020)