Homokhátság - a special rural area affected by aridification in the Carpathian basin, Hungary

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Farkas, Jenő Zsolt
Kovács, András Donát
Hoyk, Edit
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In Hungary, the aridification primarily affects the Great Hungarian Plain, most specifically the “Homokhátság” area which is part of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve. On the basis of our experience gained in the past 15 years, we would like to give an insight into the complex problems of this rural region. Our starting point is the aridification process and water scarcity which are characteristic features of this area for the last century. We investigate the related problems in land use management such as unfavourable land use and vegetation changes and the challenges in the local economy and social sustainability. In this respect we introduce the emerging issues in agriculture, forestry and nature conservation which may be relevant in European context too. We have discovered specific factors related to the devaluation of the rural environment and found that significant part of the unfavourable phenomena can be explained by the combined effect of climatic changes, improper land use and inappropriate environmental management. Based on our findings we outline a possible regional pathway for a sustainable rural development.
Homokhátság , Alföld kutatása , vidékfejlesztés , területhasználat , Duna-Tisza köze , éghajlatváltozás , tájvédelem , vízgazdálkodás , Alföld , tájökológia
European Countryside 9: (1) pp. 29-50. (2017)