Mapping cost distance using air traffic data

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Dudás, Gábor
Boros, Lajos
Pál, Viktor
Pernyész, Péter
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Recent trends in transport and communication infrastructures have had a profound impact on the spatial organization of the world city network, which have long been of interest to geographers. Considering the former issue, our study is based on previous works on air transport geography and world city network studies. We introduce a new method to map the gap between geographical distance and cost distance by using air traffic data. In this paper, we created an international database for a large number of world cities and developed a way to map cost distance using conventional and Geographic Information System-based mapping techniques. The main result of this work is a set of maps showing the cost distances of world cities, which can be used as a significant source of information by world city network analysis.
légi közlekedés , költség-távolság elemzés , térképészet
Journal of Maps 2015: Paper Article in press. 6 p. (2015)