Az éghajlatváltozás várható népegészségügyi következményeire való felkészülés megjelenése a hazai stratégiai tervezésben

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Uzzoli, Annamária
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The paper conceptually identifies the socio-economic consequences of climate change with health effects of heat waves. It is virtually certain that the length, frequency and intensity of heat waves will increase in the future. A heat wave is generally defined as a period of several days to weeks of abnormally hot weather. The number of heat extremes has substantially increased across Europe, but temperature thresholds for health impacts differ according to regions and seasons. The health effects of extreme heat waves regarding climate change with its consequences in health care can also be detected in Hungary. The risk of heat-related illness and mortality exists for the whole population, but there are some vulnerable groups. Public health measures need to be implemented to prevent heat-related illness and mortality in local community and institutions. The aim of this paper is to present the most important results of a research project which were made by qualitative methods. The article contains four main chapters. The primary object is to define the role of climate change in socio-economic processes. Secondly, there are some useful information about the research project and its tasks to analyse local public health consequences of climate change. Thirdly, all experiences of qualitative examinations are based on interviews and contant-analysis. Lastly, the highlights of this paper can help to make some proposals for local decision-making.
éghajlatváltozás , népegészségügy , társadalmi hatások , tervezés
Közép-Európai Közlemények 12:(1) pp. 27-42. (2019)