Toward spatial analyses of local currencies: the case of France

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Blanc, Jérôme
Lakócai, Csaba
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This paper suggests that studies on local currencies (LCs) should engage in spatial analyses, as far as their territorial distribution is highly heterogeneous. It provides a statistical overview of the territo-rial features of LCs functioning in France, wherein their number has increased solidly and remarka-bly fast over the last decade. However, there is a huge variety in their extent, and their development has not been spatially even, especially with regards to the administrative subdivision of the country in departments (counties or departments that correspond to the NUTS-3 level of regions according to the administrative territorial classification of the EU). This uneven distribution let us presume that it is interrelated with different territorial conditions, which motivated our research. We build a size index of LCs and provide a cluster presentation of them as of 2018. A departmental territorial break-down of data shows statistically significant spatial concentrations of LCs in France. We then provide insights into the reasons for such concentrations.
helyi pénz , helyi gazdaságfejlesztés , területi statisztika , Franciaország , területi megoszlás
International Journal of Community Currency Research 24:(1) pp. 11-29 (2020)