Soils in the cities: State, problems and remediation techniques

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Nagy, Imre
Milošević, Dragan
Stojanović, Vladimir
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Historically, urban soils were ignored for a long period in scientific research because their significance for urban population was not recognized. In time, theirs importance was recognized and scientific research of urban soils characteristics, functions, etc. has started. Urban soil classification has long history and it was in many cases different from one country to another. Based on a new classification system from World Reference Base for Soil Resources, urban soils are classified into Technosols reference soil group because theirs functions and characteristics are dominated by technical human activity. Because of this, urban soils have substantial presence of artefacts (glass, metal, etc.), physically are disturbed, theirs temperature and humidity are changed, they have less organic matter compared to rural soils, often they are polluted, the intensity of self-purification is reduced, etc. Covering of soils due to construction is marked as one of the key indicators of denaturalization and ecological destruction of ecosystem services in cities. In this work is explained what are urban soils, problems with their clasiffication and their state in the cities in the world and in Serbia was poined out. Beside this, main pollutants of urban soils and strategies for their mitigation are listed and explained.
talajszerkezet - városok , talajminőség , talajfertőzés , Szerbia
Zbornik Radova Departmana za Geografiju Turizam i Hotelijerstvo 43:(1) pp. 1-16. (2014)