An unused opportunity: The activity of National Asset Managing Shared Company in Hungary

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Nagy, Gábor
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The main purpose of the paper was to analyse the effect of a specific governmental programme using the different statistical levels and hierarchical classes, to identify the main focus, of spending public sources (Home Protection Action Plan). The paper suggest, that the settlement hierarchical focus of National Asset Managing Shared Company (NET) turned to small and medium sized towns. The spatial focus of NET followed the economic and social crisis regions (on NUTS2 and 3 levels) quite well, these units concentrated a high number of bought flats/houses and high level of NET’s investments. The activity of NET in the late crisis period (2013-2015) played crucial role in stabilising the activity of housing markets in villages and small towns in the Eastern regions. The NET bought appr. 36.000 appartments, family houses and all these stock went under direct state ownership. The former owners used their flats s renters, with a highly reduced fee. This legal form offered an opportunity to began redirecting the very weak social rental housing sector in Hungary, which became marginal after the mass privatisation of flats in the 1990s. As we try to point out, this unique opportunity was missed by the national government, when after a few years of global fiscal crisis the dominant share of these flats were offered to rebuy by the former owners. This decision strengthen the ownership based housing regime in Hungary and make the housing affordability much difficult for the younger generation a poorer families.
lakáspiac , területi egyenlőtlenségek , ingatlanpiac , válság , Nemzeti Vagyonkezelő Zrt.
International Journal of Science Technology and Society 10:(2) pp. 66-71. (2022)