Climate consciousness and adaptation from the viewpoint of farmers

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Farkas, Jenő Zsolt
Hoyk, Edit
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Adaptation to climate change and finding solutions to the environmental consequences are urgent tasks. The role of farmers in the adaptation is essential, that is why beliefs of farmers in this theme are important. In our work we give an overview about the opinion, knowledge and attitude of farmers in relation to climate change. We revealed their knowledge and individual insights with questionnaires. 50 farmers from the area of Kiskunság participated in it. Our aim with the questionnaire was to assess the farming community’s information about the climate change, explore the changes in their natural environment and actions against unfavourable trends. In addition, we tried to get answers about what kind of assistance the producers require to overcome these problems in the future. Beside the questionnaire we interviewed large agricultural entrepreneurs, agricultural public administration employees and agricultural intellectuals about the effects of climate change in the agriculture. We found that farmers are mostly waiting for outside help for resolving their problems, in the form of financial support and a solution for the problem of irrigation. It is highlighted that up-to-date knowledge and flexibility are needed in order to prevent damages. It means adequate production technology and farming practices instead of only increasing the monetary aid.
éghajlatváltozás , adaptáció , mezőgazdaság
Columella: Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 4: (1 (Suppl.)) pp. 137-142. (2017) 16th Alps-Adria Workshop – Synergism in science. Konferencia helye, ideje: Opatija, Horvátország: 2017.04.03-2017.04.08.