Environmental policy integration and its success on settlement level in Hungary

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Varjú, Viktor
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This paper aims to present environmental policy integration and its success on settlement level inHungary. To do so, firstly, the author gives an overview in historical perspective of the rise ofenvironmental protection and environmental policy taking a look at the international level and Hungary.Secondly, the summary of the author’s empirical researches in the topic in the past decades draws thereaders’ attention to the role of the impact of the recent recentralization process in Hungary on theenvironmental actions at urban level, and also highlights the role of the size of settlement inenvironmental policy. The analyses show that the lack of information is crucial in the failure to makepositive environmental actions. On the other hand, in larger, urbanised settlements, due to their higherdevelopment and investment capacity and risk, the role of environmental assessment related to planningactivities is considered more important.
környezetvédelem , környezetvédelmi politika , területi tervezés , környezeti felmérés
DETUROPE: Central European Journal of Tourism and Regional Development 12:(3) pp. 13-36. (2020)