Éghajlatváltozás és alkalmazkodás a mezőgazdaságban

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Király, Gábor
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Egyesület Közép-Európa Kutatására
In terms of climate change agriculture is one of the most exposed sectors. It is particularly true in the Carpathian basin where farmers will need to adapt to longer rainless summer periods and extreme weather events in the future. This paper is based on the results obtained from a social impact assessment of a Hungarian biorefinery. Among many other aspects, the assessment highly focused on maize supplying farmers and their climate change perception and adaptation practices. Results show that most of the farmers perceived impacts of climate change and found maize farming becoming more risky in Hungary. Farmers reported various practices to manage these risks. However, the assessment delivered descriptive results, the paper recommends a new approach to study agricultural adaptation focusing on the importance of the casual link between cliamte change perception and adaptation practices.
éghajlatváltozás , mezőgazdaság , adaptáció
Szónokyné Ancsin G. (szerk.) Magyarok a Kárpát-medencében 2.: Tudományos Nemzetközi Konferencia. Konferencia helye, ideje: Szeged, Magyarország, 2016.11.17 Szeged: Egyesület Közép-Európa Kutatására, 2017. pp. 369-379. (Közép-európai monográfiák; 16.) (ISBN:978-615-80462-2-0)