The role of migration in the regional development and its appearance in the theories

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Hardi, Tamás
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Phenomena relating to migration have a number of social, economic and political effects on both the sending and the host country. These impacts can vary depending on the reference period, region or sector as well as on the goals and aspects of our interpretation. Analysing the interference between immigration and regional development, we can rely on classic migration theories, however, a comparison of further models and concepts relating development and regional issues can be more useful for researchers. Another important question in connection with regional competitiveness is how decision makers act and react after perceiving migratory movements, thus this paper also aims to summarize the mainstream solutions and the controversies of migration policies that appear in the literature. Therefore it analyses the importance of integration and the main factors of inclusion as well. Besides, the aspects of methods and methodology also need appropriate attention. The paper finally presents these methodological issues of migration research exploring the typical questions and stumbling stones. These questions are relevant, since regional development and the strategies in the background have strong association with migratory phenomena. However, a well-structured perspective is needed to confront the theoretical background of the 4 main areas: regional development, regional policy, migration and issues from research methods.
migráció , régiók , regionális fejlődés
Chasopys Socialno-Ekonomichnoyi Geografii / Journal of Human Geography 22:(1) pp. 7-10. (2017)