Trends in integrated waste management research: A content analysis

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Wikurendra, Edza Aria
Nagy, Imre
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Analyze the trends that characterize scientific production through textual statistics and text mining methods, highlighting the most debated topics useful for developing new research perspectives in this field. Textual statistics and text mining methods were chosen to analyse the real scope of integrated waste management, focus the investigation on the central elements of their discussion, and the trends that characterized scientific production in that field. Two argumentative dimensions that characterize the corpus, the one with the greatest response, in terms of quotation, is aspects with 48 extracted quotations. This result indicates how scientific research focuses more on the relationship between integrated waste management and waste treatment, recycling, disposal, and environmental. The analysis made it possible to define the most debated issues in integrated waste management clearly. From an elements point of view, integrating waste management depends on the treatment, recycling, and disposal.
hulladékkezelés , integrált hulladékkezelés
Environmental and Toxicology Management 2:(1) pp. 26-30. (2022)