The Innovation Systems in Central and Eastern European Regions with Special Attention to the Hungarian Cases

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Páger, Balázs
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Society for Regional Science and Policy - Slovak Section of ERSA
It has been an important challenge for Central and Eastern European regions to find their own opportunities after the transition in the frame of the new economic regulations and environment. The development of innovative and knowledge-based industries counts to these opportunities. If we observe the innovation performance of the Central and Eastern European regions, we can see that the capital and metropolitan regions perform much better compare to the other, non-metropolitan regions. These non-metropolitan regions have more or less similar innovation capacity, but their economic performance and opportunities differ from each other. Many of them marked the knowledge-based development as an opportunity to strengthen their regional economic performance. I studied in the Hungarian non-metropolitan regions how the regional innovation systems build up in them and I tried to determine the regional network between the actors.The main results of the analysis have shown that we can’t talk about a real system between the regional actors of innovation. The relations between academic and business sector are weak and the roles of the intermediary organizations are not clear. The situation could be improved, if the actors would recognize their roles and opportunities.
innováció , innovációs rendszer , Magyarország , Közép-Európa , Kelet-Európa , regionális fejlődés
Černěnko T; Ferčíková V; Szitásiová V (ed.) 4th Winter Seminar of Regional Science: Proceedings. Konferencia helye, ideje: Tatranska Lomnica, Szlovákia, 2014.01.29-2014.02.01. Bratislava: Society for Regional Science and Policy - Slovak Section of ERSA, 2014. pp. 1-17. (ISBN:978-80-225-3833-6)