Izraeli telepítés- és településpolitika Júdeában és Szamáriában 1967 és 1990 között

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Grünhut, Zoltán
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The international community oftentimes condemns Israel as an occupying power, and argues the legitimate rights of the Jewish state to maintain military or civil administration over the 1967’s borders. Although this is a well-known standpoint, and it is echoed in daily articles as well in diplomatic documents too, however we don’t know enough about the real historical, political and legal context, and especially not about the Israeli settlement policy in the disputed territories. The aim of this paper is to mention these aspects in more details, to demonstrate the complexity of these not so black and white circumstances, and to present some key points of the real context, with the goal to understand the conflict and the viable peace-building alternatives more in depth.
településpolitika - Izrael
Hadtudományi Szemle 6:(4) pp. 32-38. (2013)