Határok és határtérségek kutatása Magyarországon a rendszerváltástól napjainkig

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Hardi, Tamás
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IDResearch Kft. ; Publikon Kiadó
The paper presents, on the foundations of Hungarian geography and regional science, the main development trends and institutions of Hungarian border researches. For Hungarian geography the research of the borders was a specific topic, due to the geographical and historical endowments of Hu ngary, but it was not in the foreground for decades. From the 1980s, in addition to geography regional science joined in the survey of this issue, now popular again, and since then a huge number of publications has been made on the most diverse aspects of this special phenomenon of social geography. The aim of the paper is not to elevate border research to the level of a partial discipline; instead, we look at it as a research topic that deals with a selected element of space.
államhatár , határok , határkutatás , politikai földrajz , határkutatás - Magyarország
Pap N. (szerk.) Geopolitikai gondolkodás a magyar földrajzban (1989-2014). Pécs: IDResearch Kft. - Publikon Kiadó, 2015. pp. 25-44. (ISBN:978-615-5457-52-4)