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    Industrial agglomeration and location choice in the service sector: the case of India
    (2018) Gál, Zoltán; Singh, Devesh
    Behind the selection of location choices for services and retail sector, many factors work in conjunction. This research tried to determine which factors had an influence on location choice and agglomeration and which factors worked together to decide the location choice. This study empirically tests location determinant hypothesis. Our findings suggested that infrastructure, corruption and law, labour law and workforce had a significant effect on location choice. Other factors such as trade regulation, competition, sales and supply, access to land and permit, access to finance, institutional administration and political constraint had the insignificant effect on location choice. Our research used the 2014 World Enterprise Survey data from World Bank, and it included the 2116 registered companies sample responses.
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    The role of human resource development on organizational effectiveness considering the mediating role of internal marketing
    (2018) Mezei, Cecília; Kareem, Mohanad Ali
    This paper attempts to demonstrate the important linkage between human resource development (HRD) and internal marketing (IM) to achieve the organizational effectiveness (OE), and it aims to highlight the effect of human resource development strategies on organizational effectiveness with the mediating role of internal marketing practices. We explore the effects of human resource developments, internal customer satisfaction and commitment and organizational effectiveness. This paper is conceptual and the approach adopted is analytical. Extant research and concepts have been used to develop propositions and to discuss both research and managerial implications, and as a result, first of all, the present paper reviews the relevant literature about IM, HRM and the link between IM and HRD. The study has found that internal marketing strongly supports the relationship between HRD and organizational effectiveness and the satisfaction of internal customers influences customer satisfaction and loyalty before affecting the profitability and growth of the company. Based on research findings, insightfully this study suggested leveraging human resource development to enhance organizational performance.