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    Impact of Audi Hungária Motor Kft. on the local economy
    (Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), 2014) Rechnitzer, János
    Role of foreign direct investment in a given region can be potential success factor according to the literature (Lengyel 2010). Level of private capital and connected owner networks are quite objectively measurable items in the framework of new conception of territorial capital (Camagni 2009). In case of Győr, entrepreneurialism is strongly affected by foreign capital, which has visible and institutionalized outcomes in everyday life. The following study introduces the main points of cooperation between Győr and Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. Beside this the study highlights the main characteristics of the hosting region and the company itself, which have possible effects on each economic actor. The study has five main points. First point is a general introduction of Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. Secondly the study analyses the demography, especially data of labor market in Győr and surroundings and introduces the main points of the expansion process. Third point gives detailed picture of the logistics and supplier group of the company. After that the study introduces the economic developer role of the local government through the given industrial infrastructure and the tax system. Finally CSR activities of the company are collected. The study is aiming to highlight those effects, which can be originated from the presence of AHM and can be potential critical points in aspect of long-term regional development.
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    Post-Socialist New Towns in the Urban Network
    (Institute for Sociology Centre for Social Sciences Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2016) Rechnitzer, János; Berkes, Judit; Páthy, Ádám
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    The Landmarks of the Economy of Győr from the Regime Change Until the Middle Years of the 2010s
    (Universitas-Győr Nonprofit Kft., 2014) Rechnitzer, János
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    The extension of complex gravity zones and manpower catchment areas in North Transdanubia
    (Universitas-Győr Nonprofit Kft., 2014) Hardi, Tamás; Szörényiné Kukorelli, Irén
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    Patterns of social structure and stratification in Győr
    (Universitas-Győr Nonprofit Kft., 2014) Csizmadia, Zoltán; Tóth, Péter