The effect of the pandemic of the use of public spaces in Hungary

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Jóna, László
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The first wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary held in 2020 from March until April. During this period the restrictions not only to the shops opening hours came into force but also for the use of public spaces. The most settlements in Hungary had closed their public spaces and parks from the local population, thus preventing the mass spread of the epidemic. However the experiences have showed that most people against the restrictions has used in the same way actively the local public spaces as before. Therefore the research presents how the people has used the public spaces before and after the coronaviros epidemic in Hungary. And when will they use them again and how often after the pass of the epidemic. Besides that what they expect from the public spaces after the pass of the coronavirus epidemic.
COVID-19 járvány , közterület , közterülethasználat - Magyarország , park
Schrenk, M; Vopovich, V V; Zeile, P; Elisei, P; Beyer, C; Ryser, J; Stöglehner, G. (szerk.) REAL CORP 2021. Proceedings/Tagungsband 7-10 September 2021. CITIES 20.50 Creating Habitats for the 3rd Millennium. Vienna : CORP - Competence Center of Urban and Regional Planning, 2021 pp. 1239-1246.