Cross-border educational migration fuelled by Hungary's kin-state politics in the Serbian-Hungarian border zone

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Tátrai, Patrik
Erőss, Ágnes
Váradi, Monika Mária
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University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management
Educational migration is considered to be one of the most significant types in the migration from Serbia to Hungary. During the last thirty years, many Hungarian families in Vojvodina have come to the decision that after finishing primary school in Serbia, their children should pursue their secondary and tertiary studies in Hungary. Szeged is one of the main destinations of this type of migration, while at the same time it is also home to the most populous Vojvodinian community and serves as a scene for diverse, intensive cross-border activities. Based on narrative and structured interviews – conducted with Vojvodinian students living and studying in Szeged and also with heads of educational institutions – our main interest was to reveal how the direction and dynamics of cross-border migration and individual(or family) migratory decisions are challenged on the one hand by Hungary’s kin-state policy regarding Hungarians outside Hungary and by the educational regulations of the Hungarian government and its institutions.
migráció , oktatás , határmenti térség - Magyarország - Szerbia , felsőoktatás - Magyarország , oktatási rendszer - Magyarország , oktatáspolitika - Magyarország
Innovative approach and perspectives of the applied geography : The 5th Serbian Congress of Geographers, 2021 : Collection of papers / ed. by Mirko Grčić [et al.]. Novi Sad : University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, 2021 pp. 136-146. (ISBN 978-86-7031-589-1)