Ideas of the renewable energy in climate-strategies of medium-size Hungarian cities

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Hoyk, Edit
Kovács, András Donát
Farkas, Jenő Zsolt
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Institute for Regional Studies, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
In our paper we would like to give a short insight to the circumstances, possibilities and alternatives, which can promote or hinder the application of renewable energies in Hungarian medium size cities. As a first step we analysed and compared the climate strategies of Hungarian settlements to European examples. The results show that the examined interior strategies contain almost the same adaptation and mitigation topics what we have found in the climate strategies of the European cities. However we still feel the differences! That is why we tried to unfold the main factors which are necessary for successful switchover processes on the selected settlement level, and explore how the decision makers thinking about the role of renewables, mitigation and adaptation in local space. With the help of local experts and case studies we faced with several positive and negative (optimistic and pessimistic) factors, we identified basic problems but also good practices and we tried to outline (and emphasize) the usability of renewable energies for smaller populations. We hope that our specific results can help the local intentions, and give useful information and pointers for environmentally-conscious municipalities.
megújuló energiaforrás , kisvárosok - Magyarország , középvárosok - Magyarország , energiapolitika , energiahasznosítás , éghajlatváltozás - Magyarország , középvárosok
Ortiz W; Somogyvári M; Varjú V.; Fodor I.; Lechtenböhmer S. (szerk.) Perspectives of Renewable Energy in the Danube Region. Konferencia helye, ideje: Pécs, Magyarország, 2015.03.26-2015.03.27. Pécs: Institute for Regional Studies, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2015. pp. 55-63. (ISBN:978-963-9899-91-9)