The automotive industry regional development challenges in Central and Eastern Europe

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Uszkai, Andrea
Jóna, László
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International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences
This paper focuses on the Central and Eastern – European (CEE) region. Its background means an analysis related to the automotive industry, which is a part of a large Hungarian, EU supported research project. Our aim was to explore what kind of features all of the European settlements have got, where we can find the automotive sector. Based on the results of our cluster analysis, the CEE area has got the weakest social and economic indicators in this international comparison. For this reason, it is essentially important to search for instruments and methods to support the economy of this region. One of the possibilities is the transport infrastructure and network development, because there are a lot of potentials in this branch.
autóipar , Közép-Európa , Kelet-Európa , közlekedési infrastruktúra
Rotschedl J; Čermáková K. (szerk.) Proceedings of the 13th International Academic Conference. Konferencia helye, ideje: Antibes, Franciaország, 2014.09.15-2014.09.18. Prague: International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences (IISES), 2014. pp. 628-645. (ISBN:978-80-87927-05-2)