Isključivanje iz tržišta rada u pograničnom regionu Srbije‐Mađarske
dc.contributor.authorPerger, Éva
dc.contributor.authorKovács, András Donát
dc.contributor.authorFarkas, Jenő Zsolt
dc.description.abstractThe social-economic problems of the Serbian-Hungarian border region are very complex and critical in many respects. The effects of unfavourable processes on our everyday life have become quite perceivable even in the labour market, due to which there have been accumulated serious tensions of employment in these areas of fundamentally provincial character. The main conceptual starting point of our research was that the local labour-market situation in the affected areas could be improved significantly over conscious planning of cross-border opportunities, the revival of labour-exchange partnerships, adapting the best international practices and creating some new forms of social co-operations. With our results, we also want to draw attention to the excluded and inactive groups that should be observed as local resources, whose reintegration into the labour market may strengthen local economy and society as well. Our work has been based on literature related to the labour market situation in the border region, and the relevant social and economic statistics. However, the main purpose of our study was to introduce the empirical results achieved in the LOLAMAR research – especially focusing on the domestic aspects of the study, but also looking at the experienced differences and connections on both sides of the border. In the study, we summarise the main lessons of the surveys; the results of online questionnaires conducted among the representatives of local governments and administration, as well as the experiences of the interviews with prominent and with 57 involved people. Based on all of these, we have formulated short conclusions that are expected to be helpful in the future, during the development of a regional labour market that will be responsive to the changing needs – even across the
dc.description.accessszabadon elérhetőhu
dc.description.sponsorshipMagyarország-Szerbia IPA Határon Átnyúló Együttműködési Programhu
dc.format.extentlastpage79hu lokalno baziranim politikama tržišta rada u prekograničnim ruralnim oblastima / szerk. Perger É ; Kovács A. D. ; Farkas J.
dc.identifier.citationPerger É ; Kovács A. D. ; Farkas J. Zs. (szerk.) Ka lokalno baziranim politikama tržišta rada u prekograničnim ruralnim oblastima. Kecskemét: MTA Közgazdaság- és Regionális Tudományi Kutatóközpont, 2014. p. 56-79. (ISBN:978-963-9899-75-9)hu
dc.publisherMTA Közgazdaság- és Regionális Tudományi Kutatóközponthu
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0) Nevezd meg!-Ne add el!-Ne változtasd!hu
dc.subjecthatármenti térség - Magyarország - Szerbiahu
dc.titleIsključivanje iz tržišta rada u pograničnom regionu Srbije‐Mađarskeen
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