Data needs for long-term urban mobility planning: difficulties observed in practices

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Lados, Mihály
Shibayama, Takeru
Dan, Martin
Lemmerer, Helmut
Macoun, Thomas
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University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering
In this paper, we present the results of our research accompanying data collection activities carried out in 12 different territorial authorities in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe that served as a basis to prepare sustainable urban mobility plans. With the basis of the data needs for long-term urban transport and mobility planning, we analysed data availability, substitution by regional or national representative statistics, and response from the participating authorities. The modal split data and motorization rate (vehicle per 1000 inhabitants) tend to be readily available in many places while the data about travel time and distance tend to be in lack. In case data is available, it is much from an ad-hoc survey on one-time basis, and systematic and continuous surveys is in lack. This is a risk for the long-term strategic mobility plans as a proper monitoring is not enabled.
mobilitás , városi közlekedés , adatgyűjtés
Stjepan Lakušić (szerk.) 5th International Conference on Road and Rail Infrastructures – CETRA 2018. Zágráb: , 2018 pp. 1557-1563. (ISBN 978-953-8168-25-3) Konferencia helye, ideje: