Health inequalities in Hungary - challenges for health care system

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Uzzoli, Annamária
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Sozial und Wirtschafts Forschungsgruppe
Health inequalities can be defined as differences in health status or in the distribution of health determinants between different population groups. The issue of health inequalities has been in the consciousnesses of policy makers. In Hungary marked differences can be experienced in population health socially as well as spatially. The paper focuses on the main challenges and facilities of the Hungarian health system regarding health inequalities. Results and facts are based on literature review, content-analysis and expert interviews to discover the role of access to health care in existing health inequalities. The scope of this examination is to interpret the most important determinative factors and relevant reasons of the Hungarian health deterioration with the special focus on the functioning problems and anomalies of the health ca re system. Actually, the primary challenge of the Hungarian health care system is that functionally, structurally and financially cannot reduce health inequalities, the overall policy response to the issue remains slow.
területi egyenlőtlenségek , egészségföldrajz , egészségföldrajz - Magyarország , egészségügyi egyenlőtlenség - Magyarország
Karlovitz, János Tibor (szerk.) People and their values in the society. Grosspetersdorf : Sozial und Wirtschafts Forschungsgruppe, 2019 pp. 129-138.