The role of human resources development strategy in achieving corporate social responsibility: At the SME level

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Mezei, Cecília
Kareem, Mohanad Ali
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Mendel University in Brno
In this era of globalisation characterised by great high scientific and technological development, competition between institutions and companies is becoming more and more intensive in order to survive and achieve profitability, and achieve superiority over competitors. For this reason most companies have started striving for excellence by focusing on the most important resource, human resources, to achieve their economic, social and environmental goals, and then to also achieve social responsibility. This study aims to exam the role of human resources development strategy (training and development, organisational development and career development) in achieving corporate social responsibility at some of SMEs in Iraq, a special questionnaire has been prepared to collect data from a survey and a random sample which consists of (30) SMEs of the surveyed organisations was selected.The study found out HRD strategy effects significantly in achieving CSR (economic, environmental & social) dimensions, for this, it should be dealt in accordance to a strategic perspective, and develop it through many activities such as training and development, career development and organisational development so that it can play its role efficiently and effectively, and contribute to the achievement of specific goals.
emberi erőforrás fejlesztés , szervezeti hatékonyság , társadalmi felelősségérzet , karrierfejlesztés , kisvállalkozások , középvállalkozások
Jana Stávková (szerk.) PEFnet 2017: European scientific conference of doctoral students: Proceedings. Konferencia helye, ideje: Brno, Csehország, 2017.11.30. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. pp. 104-113. (ISBN:978-80-7509-555-8)