Reproducing socio-spatial unevenness through the institutional logic of dual housing policies in Hungary

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Pósfai, _Zsuzsanna
Jelinek, Csaba
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Palgrave Macmillan
In recent decades Hungarian public policy interventions in the domain of housing have shown a strongly dualistic pattern, contributing to the reproduction of socio-spatial unevenness. The authors trace how capital investment in housing is channelled and mediated by public policies, and how these public policies are made dual along the lines of social class. The authors claim that state intervention in Hungary has deepened inequalities in the housing market at various scales—from the European to the neighbourhood. The analysis is based, on the one hand, on qualitative (and, more restrictedly, on quantitative) data related to the strategies of large economic actors of the housing market and, on the other hand, on qualitative research on housing-related public interventions in socio-economically deprived urban areas.
területi egyenlőtlenségek , társadalmi egyenlőtlenségek , lakáspiac - Magyarország , lakáspolitika , lakáshelyzet
Lang, Thilo; Görmar, Franziska (szerk.) Regional and Local Development in Times of Polarisation : Re-thinking Spatial Policies in Europe. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. pp. 197-223. (New geographies of Europe) (ISBN 978-981-13-1189-5)